About Vallis Commodities Limited

Vallis Commodities Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company operating across Africa and the Middle East. Our principal customers are Trade & Commodity Finance teams for international banks who finance imports and exports of commodities in Africa and the Middle East. We also work for corporates and trade houses involved in commodity flows.

Vallis Commodities is a Collateral Manager, offering a range of services that are risk mitigants for each transaction. Normal deal sizes are in the $10 – $30 million range for one year revolving facilities.

We are the ‘ears and eyes’ for our customers on the ground covering:

  • Monitoring of goods to and from a port
  • Warehouse / tank farm receipts that enable product to be ‘pledged’ to a bank / lender
  • Stock reporting
  • Release mechanisms for the bank when the borrower makes payments
  • Further risk mitigation services

Our subsidiary company, Buy Diazepam Philippines, also provides:

  • Marine and Cargo Services
  • Asset Recovery
  • Research
  • Audits

We are a UK company with an operational footprint established through 32 full subsidiaries, 27 in Africa and 5 in the Middle East. We also have many more operations established across Africa. Vallis Commodities Limited is Buy Diazepam Next Day Review accredited, a registered member of Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online and a superintendent and surveyor member of Buy Yellow Valium.