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Our operations continue to expand in Egypt. We have now set up our own Marine Surveying department and we are building a strong track record with our fumigation services. Also, we continue to expand inspection services to new customers and products. Our partner HR company ‘Target’ assisted with our ‘Annual Staff Communications Meeting’ which has just been held in Alexandria. It was attended by
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We are pleased to announce that Vallis has recently started a new operation in Kigali, Rwanda, for sugar. Vallis Commodities has handled more than 2.3 million tonnes of sugar since our first operation with the commodity in 2006. We have conducted major sugar operations in many countries across Africa and the Middle East. Sugar is one of the most important commodities for the economy of Rwanda and demand for it is ris
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A team from Vallis recently visited the head office of ECOWAS’s ‘Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food’ in Lome, Togo. Our delegation included Rob Reay-Jones, Head of Compliance from our UK head office, and Paul Occansey and Stephen Emeka, our Country Managers for Togo and Benin, respectively. Vallis has been working for this Togo based ECOWAS unit in inspection roles and we met with Egnonto Koffi-Tessio, ‘Coordon
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I am pleased to announce that VTAS has now completed its first coal sampling on a vessel in Djibouti. VTAS conducted initial and final draft surveys and the sampling of the coal in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certified standards. A photographic report detailing this process can be found at this link. Please get in touch if you would like more information on this or any of the services that VTAS provides.
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Don Oliphant and I began this business in Africa and the Middle East in 2006, each of us working from home. We have now grown the business to 31 subsidiaries in Africa and the Middle East with nearly 600 people. During this time, Vallis has managed 25 million tonnes of commodities through its supply chains. Our new Marine and Cargo Services, under the VTAS subsidiary – – has managed over
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Vallis Commodities recently attended the GTR East Africa Trade and Commodity Finance Conference in Nairobi; a short report on it by George Thrupp is at this link. Please get in touch if you would like more information on this or any of the services that Vallis provides.
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I am pleased to announce that Vallis incorporated its Mauritius subsidiary on 10th May 2017. We are now able to provide our full range of services in the country. Mauritius is just over 1,100 kilometers east of Madagascar. Port Louis is the capital city and the only official port of entry and exit for sea vessels in Mauritius.  Mauritius is ranked high in terms of economic competitiveness and currently placed 21st in
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I am pleased to announce that Vallis Trade Assurance Services (VTAS) is now providing Marine and Cargo Services directly to vessel owners. In its first operation acting on a ship owner’s behalf, VTAS tallied cargo from the vessel holds and reported in real-time throughout the discharge operation in Abidjan Port, Côte d’Ivoire. VTAS provided live stoppage records and a record of cargo tallied for the vessel owne
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Vallis has now completed its first contract involving Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets (SBPP) in Egypt. SBPP is a by-product from processing sugar beet into sugar. It is used as a calorific animal feed. Average global trade in SBPP is increasing and total exports traded in 2015 reached 2.15 million tonnes. The market value of SBPP in Egypt is approximately $161 per tonne. Egyptian SBPP production and exports have grown from 1
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VTAS offers Asset Recovery as one element of its services, in addition to Research, Audits and Inspections and Marine and Cargo Services. Asset Recovery can take a variety of forms and VTAS carefully assesses each case individually and then tailors the service it provides to the needs of the client and the particulars of the situation. Asset Recovery is always a sensitive issue for all the parties involved. Relations
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