Vallis Commodities Limited provides integrated supply chain solutions across Africa. Since January 2006, we have managed over $16 billion worth of commodities and now have subsidiaries in 31 countries, with operations in a further 7, which represents the footprint for all our operations in Africa and the Middle East.

Our principal services are contracted as “Collateral Management Agreements” (CMA) or “Stock Monitoring Agreements” (SMA), usually tri-partite between the lender, borrower and Vallis.

Any CMA is preceded by due diligence and inspections of site, warehouse, tank farm, or supply chain. The aim of these inspections is to satisfy the requirements for insurance to provide a scope of services and derive a set of costs.

Professional Indemnity

All of our insurers have an A rating or better provided by Standard and Poor’s (S & P). Our partner insurers include Lloyd’s of London Syndicates and Berkshire Hathaway.

This insurance policy allows Vallis to offer their clients indemnity for any action or inaction by Vallis directly attributing to or causing a physical loss, including any negligence, fraud, misconduct, omission, wilful default or breach of contract by employees of Vallis in their performance of the services.

This policy protects Vallis against claims for any error or omission in its written reports, including any damages arising out of libel or slander, breaches of confidentiality, loss of documents, inaccuracies in stock reports or statements, incurred as a consequence of negligence, omission, misconduct or breach of contract, allowing Vallis to indemnify their clients for any financial loss arising from such a failure.